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Give your fans an unforgettable experience and gain higher kiosk revenues as a result. All in a effortlessly smooth and efficient operation.
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Did you know

45% of fans had abandoned concession lines at least once in the past 12 months without making a food/beverage purchase because the wait was too long.
76% of fans said in-seat delivery of food and drink would improve their experience
58% of fans said they would spend more money on food and drink if waiting times were shorter
74% of fans would use an click and collect service if available at their venue
65% of fans who acknowledged that buying food & beverage is based on “impulse.”

What you get with

Dedicated Support
We are with our all the way, from on-boarding to weekly event day operations.
Order Management
With our management tools you will be able to control the order flow and mange stock in real-time.
Fan Insight
Take the fan experience to the next level. With our analytic data you will have detailed insight into the your fans wants and needs.
Marketing Services
We provide both physical and digital marketing support to maximize the number of orders being placed.
Adhering COVID19 concerns
With our technology orders will be evenly distributed, limiting queues and overcrowding.
Easy Ordering
The SEAT app allows fans to place an order in under 60 seconds. Built with simplicity in mind even those least acquainted with technology will have no problem placing an order.

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